Spanish classes online

Conversation in Spanish

If your main need is to practice spoken Spanish, you can do this with me on a course in which you will improve greatly, gain fluency and learn new vocabulary. In these lessons we will work on different usage of the language, phrases, colloquial expressions, gastronomy and the culture of the Hispanic world.

Customized Spanish Courses

These courses are adapted for all levels, from basic right up to advanced. In this course you will practice all types of skills: written comprehension (reading of texts), oral comprehension (audios and videos), written practice (writing of texts) and oral production (conversation). In this way you will be able to acquire all the necessary skills to communicate in Spanish effectively and fluently.

Preparation for official exams

Preparing for the DELE or any other official exams is much easier when you have a teacher ready to guide you. Whether you have A1 or C1 level, I will prepare a well-designed study program for you and we will practice with official material and make sure that you’re successful in your exam.

Hours Packs

1 hour

60 €

10 hours

580 €

( 58 € / hour )

20 hours

1.100 €

( 55 € / hour )

50 hours

2.500 €

( 50 € / hour )

100 hours

4.500 €

( 45 € / hour )

Any questions? Don’t worry, that’s quite normal! Get in touch with me.
You can also do a no obligation trial lesson with me for 40 minutes completely free.