Spanish classes for companies and businesses

Tailored Spanish classes for foreign students in companies

Teacher with a degree in Hispanic Philology with a Master’s Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional Fields, specifically prepared to teach classes for companies and in business fields

Why choose my Spanish classes for companies?

Clases de español para empresas y negocios

Because of my academic training:

> Graduated in Hispanic Philology and in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, I can guarantee deep knowledge of Spanish.

> The Master in Literary and Cultural Studies endorses my willingness to work with all types of cultures and sensitivities.

> The two-year Master in the specialization of Training of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional Fields at the University of Barcelona certifies my specialization in teaching Spanish to foreign students in companies from any business sector​.

Because my professional experience:

> Experience since 2016 teaching classes to both individuals and groups of various nationalities and cultures.

> More than 7 years of experience training students in the professional field of all levels of Spanish language.

Clases y cursos de español para estudiantes extranjeros de negocios

Proposal process and start of classes

Necessities analysis

In conversations with the company, I receive all the information about their needs: number of students, nationalities, language level in Spanish, scope of work in the company, improvement objectives, etc.

Proposal of training and tailored program

I analyze the specific case and develop a training proposal and class program for the student or group, with the aim of customize it for their needs and what the company requires of them.

Meeting to clarify doubts and adjust the proposal

If the company requires it, we hold a prior meeting by video call to solve any questions and modify the initial proposal with the necessary adjustments.

Online classes from the workplace

After receiving confirmation and payment, we start the classes, that will be carried out through the Zoom platform live, with me comfortably from the student’s or group of students’ workplace.

Shall we talk about your business needs?

I will send you a customized training proposal and budget

What is included in my Spanish courses for companies?

Classes completely tailored to the level of Spanish language, company needs and sociocultural profile of the student or group of students.

Specific materials: manuals designed for EFE (Spanish for Specific Purposes) classes.

Revisions and evaluations of exercises outside the class hours.


Email feedback of any questions students may have.

What do my businesses students think?

My name is Patrick ROGER, I work as VP New Markets at AdsWizz Inc. A Sirius/XM company (USA).
As with all things, you have to work hard to get a result!
I had wanted to learn Spanish outside of work hours for a long time.
I found in Mar a very competent person who offers dynamic and not boring courses.
I highly recommend Mar if, like me, you want to discover Spain by talking to people!
Mar’s lessons are varied: a practical topic with listening and grammar phases.
Learning through debate is possible because Mar is very generous and encourages us. Thanks Mar for that.
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Patrick Roger

VP New Markets, AdsWizz Inc - Sirius/XM (USA)

I would definitely recommend Mar!
I already have an advanced level and I wasn’t sure how much a course could give me. In the end, I really liked the course and I was able to improve in my priority areas. I really liked the fact that it was a one-on-one class, as I had plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Additionally, Mar tailored the content specifically to my priorities and grammatical “problems.” She prepared class materials specifically for me that were both on the agreed upon topics and interesting.
Bonus: The first free class was great to get a first impression.
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Alexandra Menzel

Mar is a very enthusiastic person, he is so involved in your development, every class he passes. We have spent almost a year working together. She starts getting to know you with an introduction class. She will ask you what you like and she will try to base all topics around that. After a year I feel that I have progressed a lot, I can speak Spanish more fluently, with fewer doubts and I make fewer mistakes 🙂 I recommend Mar if you want to study Spanish or prepare a level of Spanish 🙂
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Thibault Lebouteiller

Mar is a great Spanish teacher. She is kind and patient. She makes learning fun and interesting. In the classroom with many people, she made sure everyone participated and received equal attention and she treats everyone with respect. English is my native language, and she helped me with the differences in pronunciation and grammar.
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Ashley Bourgeois

Shall we talk about your business needs?

I will send you a customized training proposal and budget

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