What my students think…

Mar is a very enthusiastic person, he is so involved in your development, every class he passes. We have spent almost a year working together. She starts getting to know you with an introduction class. She will ask you what you like and she will try to base all topics around that. After a year I feel that I have progressed a lot, I can speak Spanish more fluently, with fewer doubts and I make fewer mistakes 🙂 I recommend Mar if you want to study Spanish or prepare a level of Spanish 🙂
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Thibault Lebouteiller

I would definitely recommend Mar!
I already have an advanced level and I wasn’t sure how much a course could give me. In the end, I really liked the course and I was able to improve in my priority areas. I really liked the fact that it was a one-on-one class, as I had plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Additionally, Mar tailored the content specifically to my priorities and grammatical “problems.” She prepared class materials specifically for me that were both on the agreed upon topics and interesting.
Bonus: The first free class was great to get a first impression.
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Alexandra Mmhm

My name is Patrick ROGER, I work as VP New Markets at AdsWizz Inc. A Sirius/XM company (USA).
As with all things, you have to work hard to get a result!
I had wanted to learn Spanish outside of work hours for a long time.
I found in Mar a very competent person who offers dynamic and not boring courses.
I highly recommend Mar if, like me, you want to discover Spain by talking to people!
Mar’s lessons are varied: a practical topic with listening and grammar phases.
Learning through debate is possible because Mar is very generous and encourages us. Thanks Mar for that.
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Patrick Roger

VP New Markets, AdsWizz Inc - Sirius/XM (USA)

I recommend with my eyes closed! Mar is a teacher by the name, she is a true professional who loves what she does and it shows, her good humor is contagious! The courses are very well organized, there is a real reflection on the course, goals and wishes, which allows it to be adapted to each student and I am particularly grateful for this – I never see time passing and my progress is fast!
In addition to his perfect mastery of pedagogical techniques and content, there is another far from insignificant asset: mastery of virtual pedagogical tools that allows for very dynamic classes even on Zoom, a true pleasure.
For complex time users (like me 🥺), another bonus is its flexibility (and great understanding) in class planning 👏
In short, don’t hesitate! 😀
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Matthieu Lemonnier

Mar is a great teacher 👩 she is patient and makes a study plan based on our characteristics and interests, she will be patient to help you build confidence during your studies, and over time you will realize that you have succeeded without knowing it!
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Tao Xiao

Mar is a wonderful teacher. Very nice and her lessons are never boring! I had conversation classes with her for 5 months and this really improved my ability to speak Spanish! Absolutely recommended!
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Christian Heide

Mar is one of the best teachers I have had in all my studies. I have never met a teacher who teaches classes with as much love and delicacy as Mar. She is the most open, kind, and patient. It is very clear that teaching is her passion, and someone who has the pleasure of taking a class with Mar is a very lucky person!
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Ellie Dorsch

Mar is a teacher with great empathy. She understands very well to convey grammar and spelling learning content understandably. She has a fresh manner and addresses the student’s problems and skillfully tries to attract the student from the reservation. The best teacher I found, later I was frustrated by giving up, to continue moving forward with my Spanish in several public schools.
Thank you very much to Mar, may you have many students with a lot of energy to learn 😘.
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Anja Knappe

I highly recommend your classes!
Mar is a wonderful teacher! She teaches with great patience (oh yes! 😉) Always happy, motivated and clear! She personalizes each course according to our desires and interests.
Thank you very much Mar! See you soon!!
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Elima Héritier

Mar is a very skilled teacher and a nice person. Her classes were very helpful to me!!
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Saara Peräaho

Mar – is my first Spanish teacher and she is the nicest and most attentive I have ever seen! If you want to learn Spanish in the best way, only with her! !
A hug!
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Maria Rasskazova

Mar is a great Spanish teacher. She is very kind and patient, she makes learning fun and interesting. In a class with many people, she always made sure that everyone participated and received equal attention, and she treated everyone with respect. English is my native language, and she helped me with the differences in pronunciation and grammar.
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Ashley Bourgeois

I learned Spanish with Mar. I had started studying with her almost four years ago and since then I have not stopped taking classes. Mar is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. To all friends who want to learn Spanish I recommend Mar!
Thank you very much, Mar, and see you soon!
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Sasha Malyugin

I am very happy that Mar is more than my first Spanish teacher, she is my friend. From first class I was very comfortable with her and I was not ashamed to talk and do activities at school. Her way of teaching is very simple, fast, effective and also very fun. You are never bored during classes. And only thanks to Mar I learned everything perfectly how to speak, write, grammar, listen and, most importantly, understand Spanish and feel free in Spain!!!
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Eugenia Kozakova

Mar is my favorite teacher, I have been studying with her for 6 months. She is very nice, with a lot of patience. She helped me a lot to learn Spanish. Before I only had an A2 level, but now I can speak quite well and understand well at my university.
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Yasmín Apa

Mar for me the best Spanish teacher.
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Aira Raibayeva

Aigul Kamzina

I have studied with Mar at BCN LIP and I can assure you that she was my favorite teacher in the entire school. I really like her way of explaining things about her! Everything is very logical and clear!
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Nata Li

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