Hi! Welcome to my Language School!

My name is Mar. I was born in Barcelona, grew up close to the Mediterranean and my whole family is Andalusian. I am passionate about Spanish language teaching and Hispanic culture and nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing how my students progress in their learning day by day.

I am an active and curious person, and enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world. I’m passionate about teaching, because I am always learning about my students in the classes: their culture, lifestyle, traditions, and lots more. I love hiking, traveling and spending time surrounded by nature.

I studied Spanish Philology and Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature. After that then I did a Master’s degree in Literary and Cultural Studies and, a year later, a two year Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Barcelona.

During my academic training I spent some time at the prestigious Université de la Sorbonne, in Paris, where I acquired a good level of French. Two years later, during my University studies, I completed the theoretical part of my course and then had work experience in French Brittany, where I was an assistant Spanish teacher at one secondary and two primary schools. I worked with students between 11 and 18 years old, and I also gave private classes to adult students, which I found a very enriching experience. This was the moment in my life when I realised that teaching Spanish to foreigners was my vocation.

After my stay in Brittany, I went to do the Camino de Santiago, (a social/religious pilgrimage). This was another confirmation for me, because I realized how exciting it was to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures.

After that time of self-improvement and personal development I returned to my hometown and worked in some schools, including BCNLIP, a friendly family school where I still work today.

Currently I combine my classroom teaching in the school with private online classes. I often keep my training up to date in workshops where I learn new teaching tools and I attend conferences related to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

I work with students of all levels and of different age ranges and backgrounds. My method is interactive, which allows the student to learn by uniting grammar with conversation through tasks of progressive difficulty. Although the classes are entirely in Spanish, which is the most effective way to learn quickly, we can provide necessary support in French or English in the classes, as I speak these two languages as well.

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