Do you have loads of questions about how best to look for and choose an online Spanish teacher? Does it worry you that you might not receive quality classes or that they might be impersonal and cold? Or maybe you don’t know what type of teacher would suit you best? Here are some vital keys to finding the best native Skype for you without getting shot in the foot.

So, maybe you’ve been thinking about studying Spanish for a while, but you don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve already tried a language school, but the teaching method didn’t seem personal enough and there were too many students in the class, meaning that the teacher couldn’t answer all your questions .

Maybe you’re the kind of student (and I’ve met a few of them) who has thought about taking private lessons with a Spanish teacher, but you just haven’t got the consistency and you don’t seem to have enough time. Is this you perhaps? Well, there’s a very simple solution to this problem: claim back the minutes you take travelling to that class, and do it from home with your online Spanish teacher during a break in your work schedule!

It’s getting more and popular to have online Spanish classes, via Skype, with a native Spanish teacher who is an expert in teaching Spanish to foreigners. We recommend that you look for a teacher with a degree in this subject matter, as this will give more of a guarantee of success.

Maybe you’ve already tried hunting for one online, but there are so many options that it leaves you more confused than ever as you just don’t know which would be the right one for you!

The first step to finding out the answer to this dilemma is to look inside yourself. I’m going to help you look in the mirror so that you can see what type of student you are. Do you fit into any of these profiles?

  1. The perfectionist: You insist on the teacher correcting every single mistake you make and you write them down carefully in your notebook. What you like most about having an online teacher is that other students won’t hear all your mistakes, and you can ask the teacher all the questions you want. You love having a Spanish teacher all to yourself!
  2. The lazy student: You are always putting things off, and so it’s great for you to have a teacher all to yourself as soon as you turn on the computer! You love learning with your pyjamas on, and the more tasks the teacher gives you, the more you try.
  3. The busy student: Your diary is almost as full as the prime minister’s, and, even though you know that your Spanish is a bit rusty, you just cannot seem to find even a few minutes a day to practice. For you, time is money, and so you are looking for a teacher who will fully adapt to your communicative needs in Spanish, who answers your grammar questions accurately and, above all, who doesn’t beat around the bush!
  4. The despondent student: You study Spanish because you need to, not for fun. You are tired of learning languages the traditional way, and you want to learn without even realizing it, using a variety of fun activities. You need a dynamic teacher with lots of resources at their fingertips, and lots of motivating conversations to practice with you.
  5. The sociable student: You are looking for more than just an expert in teaching Spanish to foreigners; you want it to be a unique learning experience. Your perfect teacher should empathize with you, give you their all in every class, and help you to feel at home at all times.

You’ve now probably seen what type of student you are, and now you’ll be asking yourself what the next step is. How can I choose the perfect teacher for me?

The surprise answer to this is that you DON’T JUST NEED A TEACHER. What you need is an online native Spanish teacher. They should be your own PERSONAL SPANISH GUIDE, one that fits in perfectly with the type of student you are. The next question is: What should you keep in mind when choosing this guide for your learning process?

First of all, look for Spanish teachers for foreigners that seem to be reliable. They should have their own web page, which details who they are, and what their training is. Choose the website that gives you the best impression. For example, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and that it clear what sort of Spanish course is being offered. The web is truly the mirror of the soul.

Secondly, it is important that the online teacher should offer you a free Skype test, which is a great opportunity to have an individual class with your Spanish teacher without having to pay a cent. You’ll be able to explain exactly what you’re looking for and ask them all the questions you need, in order to find out how they carry out the classes.

Once you have taken all these things into account, remember what kind of student you are. Are you the busy one? The lazy one? The sociable one? Knowing what you are looking for in the learning process will help you choose the type of Spanish teacher for foreigners that suits you best.

Finally, don’t forget that the experience of learning a foreign language online should be as satisfying, personal and friendly as one in a classroom. Would you like to find out if I would be the ideal online Spanish teacher for you?

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