Do you want to learn Spanish starting from the basics? Deciding to learn it is the first step, but you are probably wondering how and where you can start.

Spanish is in fashion!

Did you know that Spanish is the language that most young Europeans want to learn? If you want to make your dream of learning Spanish come true, then you’ve come to the right place! And, if you’re still not convinced, have a look at all these reasons to start learning Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world.

Time and time again you’ve probably said to yourself that you really are going to learn the second most spoken language in the world! I really must learn Spanish, you say!

You know there are a good many reasons to learn Spanish, but you either have little time or a lack of motivation. Is this you perhaps?

Finally, after many attempts, you have just taken the first step. You’re determined to finally start learning! You’re motivated to achieve your goal, even though you only know how to say: “Hola“, “Gracias” and “fiesta loca“(!)

How do I start to learn Spanish?

If you’re a traditional type of student:

It’s very easy to find online resources to learn Spanish for free, but if you prefer to learn with a book, you’ll certainly find basic Spanish methods that will help you get an introduction to Spanish.

Where do you start if you want to get a basic level of Spanish? I recommend that you to look for a method that explains things in English, but if you really do prefer it to be completely in Spanish, then use the vocabulary lists in the exercise instructions, and write down the words and phrases you want to memorize in a notebook.

I recommend that you start with a very elementary method that teaches you the Spanish alphabet, alongwith the pronunciation of each letter, with written and oral examples for each one. It may seem obvious, but quite often we want to start saying phrases that we’d like to use on a daily basis, without having understood the basics. Don’t be in too much of a hurry; just go go step by step!

Maybe you’re someone who likes learning in a traditional way, with a teacher who prepares a plan especially  tailored for you. A teacher who sets some objectives and goals for each class, and who sets you exercises that you can do at home, helping you to improve day by day. If that’s the case then look no further! Here’s all you need to know about finding the ideal Spanish teacher who’ll help you get to a basic level of Spanish.

The best thing you can do is to have a teacher who’ll be your guide. You’ve got a lot to learn and it’s important to be consistent. Having a professional at your side when you’re learning Spanish as a foreign language sure does help!

If you’re a tech savvy student:

–          Have a look at Pinterest

If you want to learn some useful things in Spanish by yourself, for example greetings and farewells, or some basic vocabulary, then there are plenty of online resources that can help you learn a very basic Spanish.

On the Pinterest website there are many Spanish teachers and students who upload and share good visual online resources like diagrams to help you with words and basic grammar tables. These can help to give you a start when studying at a basic level by yourself.

–          Have a look on Instagram

There are more and more Spanish teachers who have Instagram accounts for their students. Social networks are a good place to share and teach about the Spanish language with their students and followers.

If you start to follow some of the teachers who are active on social networks, then you will certainly find the motivation and inspiration you need to learn Spanish at a basic level. Thanks to what they publish online, you’ll learn a lot about Spanish culture, vocabulary and grammar.

Choose the perfect teacher for you:

If you’ve already decided to learn Spanish, then you’re probably wondering where you can find the perfect Spanish teacher for you. If you’d prefer to try an actual language school, then try to find people who have gone there before, and ask for a trial class there.

If you’d prefer to learn basic Spanish online, then don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are more and more students who, like you, are trying to learn Spanish online through live teaching classes. Fortunately, there are also many teachers who teach Spanish online, and so it’s important that you know how to choose your native online Spanish teacher.

An expressive teacher

Try to choose a teacher that you have previously seen on a video, or who has given you a free online trial class. Make sure they are very expressive in their teaching methods!

To learn Spanish at an initial level it’s important for you to have a teacher who expresses his or herself using their hands and facial expressions. Above all, you should look for a teacher who pronounces clearly and correctly.

A teacher who gives instructions step by step

Right from the first free trial class, you’ll see whether your teacher knows how to set the rhythm you need for your basic level. They should explain things slowly, repeating things if necessary and, above all, give the instructions for each activity one by one, and in way that is easy to understand.

Sharing the same language

Although it isn’t essential, it would be good if your basic level Spanish teacher speaks English or another language you know, as, in this way, they’ll be able to help you understand certain aspects of Spanish a lot better.

Techniques to learn Spanish at a basic level

Visual material

Whether you learn with a teacher or by yourself, it’s very important that, at the start, you learn with images. Try to select highly visual materials that will help you easily understand the vocabulary and memorize it.

Translate, but also learn the context

It’s clear that when you learn a new language, translating words will be very helpful in your learning process, but don’t depend on the dictionary!

Try to understand the phrases in a more general way, in their context, because if you translate word for word you mayend up getting fed up, and you’ll probably give up learning before you had anticipated.

Don’t get stressed, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

You’ll certainly have to devote time and effort to learn Spanish well, because that is what any new language requires.

It’s impossible to start speaking a foreign language in a matter of days or weeks. You’ll need to be patient, but remember that you’re not alone! And, if you’ve already started learning the basics of Spanish, then here you’ll find some very useful tips that will help you when you feel frustrated.

Do you want me to be your teacher to help you learn the basics of Spanish?

It’s always a big challenge to start from scratch with a student, especially if his or her knowledge of Spanish is very basic.

On the first day both the student and I are a little nervous and at the start it may be a little difficult to communicate. But, after the first few minutes of the class, with a good dose of humour, and lots of resources, it’s exciting to watch a student discovering a new language. The most exciting thing is to see him or her learning to speak right from the very first trial class!

If you’d like me to be your online teacher to learn the basics in Spanish, then send me an e-mail and we can book your first free trial class!

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