Hi! Welcome to my Spanish Language School!

Do you find it hard to learn spanish because you just don’t have time to practice? Are you looking for a teacher you can trust, who will teach you only what you need to learn? My name’s Mar, and I know where you’re coming from. I’ve met many students in your position, and I know just how to help you.

Have you got any questions? Get in touch with me and I can answer them for you. Also, if you wish, you can have a no-obligation 40 minute trial lesson with me completely free.

10, 20, 50 or 100 class packs (1 hour per class).

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All about your Spanish teacher Mar

My name is Mar, I am a Spanish teacher with experience in both classroom and online classes. I have a broad academic background, with a degree in Philology and a Teacher Training Master’s Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Barcelona. In addition, I have been teaching for several years and I have extensive professional experience.

If you are interested in learning the second most widely spoken language in the world, I can offer you personalized classes based on your level, your interests and your personal tastes.

I am passionate about my work and in each lesson I try to ensure that my students enjoy the enriching experience of learning of a foreign language and the new worlds it opens up to you. Would you like to travel with me?

Why learn Spanish with me?

Because of my specific university training for teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Because I offer you classes that are perfectly adapted to your needs and interests.

Because you will see that it is possible to learn through fun conversations.

Why online?

Studying from home is very convenient and, at the same time, the relationship with your teacher will be as welcoming and warm as that of a face-to-face class.

Distance learning gives you great flexibility and saves you time and money in travelling.

Taking part in a course that is created exclusively for you and that meets your communication needs is very beneficial.

What my students think…

Any questions? That’s quite normal! Get in touch with me and we’ll have a chat.

You can also do a no obligation trial lesson with me for 40 minutes completely free.