How can you learn Spanish from scratch or improve your language level? Enjoy a free trial Spanish class to try out my online course for foreign students.

 Why is a free trial class necessary?

These days it’s possible to start learning Spanish with free resources that can be found online, and, because of that, I’ve prepared a guide to help you learn Spanish for free.

However, there are so many advantages in learning with a trained and experienced teacher who can motivate you and help you overcome lethargy. In all our day to day busyness it’s hard for us to get down to learning and practicing speaking a foreign language!

Do you think it’s impossible to get a Spanish class for free? Think again!

The first class of a Spanish course, online or in person, should always be free, as this free trial offers enormous advantages to both students and teachers of the course.

A free trial class is necessary for the student

First of all, before booking online Spanish classes, the student deserves a free trial class , for the following reasons:

  • To get to know the teacher and to know if he clicks with him as a person.
  • The student should like the way the teacher explains things and expresses information.
  • In addition, the free trial class is the best way to find out if the teacher’s teaching methods are suitable and enjoyable. You should be able to see that learning can be synonymous with having fun!
  • If it is the first online learning experience the student has had, then it’s essential that the teacher should offer the first class free, in order for the student to see if he likes the experience of learning online, and if it will really motivate him.
  • From a technical point of view, the first class will help the student know if he has the necessary equipment and technology for the classes and if he has a good enough internet connection.

If you have already had some trial classes with different teachers or if you are thinking about having some, then I can give you some tips to choose a good native Spanish teacher for foreigners.

The free trial class is good for the teacher

Secondly, we must bear in mind that the free Spanish test class is also very useful for the teacher:

  • A good Spanish teacher doesn’t want to waste time: he or she will make the best use of every single minute of the classes to help his student practice his comprehension and expression in Spanish, and to enable him to put into practice all the skills he will need.
  • The first free class can also be useful to check practical issues: the internet connection available to the student, and to see if the student understands how to use the programs that will be used in the classes, etc.
  • Offering the first free Spanish class is a matter of professionalism, as the teacher must be aware that his students have to feel comfortable and motivated in the class and, in order for them to feel this, they have the right to have a trial class. The teacher is aware that he should give his or her very best in the trial class, in order to encourage the students to book with him/her.
  • The free test class also helps the teachers to listen to the student expressing themselves in Spanish, and, in this way, he or she will be able to determine their Spanish level much better.

What are the trial classes that I offer actually like?

I regard the trial classes as a gift to all those who want to learn Spanish, and who have been interested enough in my profile and experience to contact me.

You may be asking yourself if the first class is maybe not as important as the others, or if I spend less time preparing it? Not at all!

I devote the same amount of time to the preparation of a free trial class for a new student as  I do to preparing a class for a student I know who is already having classes with me.

I am now going to explain how the free trial classes actually work if you want a Spanish course especially tailored for you.

Before the class

Interested students contact me by e-mail or through my Facebook page and we set a day to have the trial class.

When I respond to potential students, I ask them some basic questions. I usually ask them if they have studied Spanish before and, if they have, I ask them how long they have studied for, and how they have done it.

In addition, I usually ask my students why they want to study Spanish and why they need it.

All the information obtained through the answers that I receive, along with a test to gauge their level,  help me to prepare the test class adapted to the needs of the student.

During the class

How long is the free trial class? The first class is 40 minutes long, which is enough time to determine the level of the student. It is long enough for the student to get to know his new teacher, to get motivated to learn and, of course, to learn something new about Spanish, because each class is an achievement! Each class should be a small step towards the student’s goal: to improve their level of Spanish.

A big smile and loads of energy make the 40 minutes of the free Spanish trial class go flying by.

After the class

If the student is happy with his first free Spanish class, he can get in touch with me and together we will work out a plan for the classes, taking into account the number of classes he wants to book.

We’ll decide on a day and time for the next class, and, within in a few days, I’ll send  them the lesson plan adapted to their level and preferences, taking into account the number of sessions and explaining the program that we will follow.

As far as I’m concerned, determining the student’s study plan is something that’s very important, and which enables the student to learn step by step, following a coherent structure.

If we draw up a plan from the beginning, then it’s easier to check the progress of each class . In addition to this, the student will know what he is studying, and what he will study every step of the way, and he’ll see clearly how he’s getting on.

How can I get a free trial Spanish class?

As a Spanish student, you need to know that your money is going to be well spent, and that the online classes you book will guarantee you progress and improvement in your learning.

In order for you to be 100% convinced of where your money is going, I am going to give you your first Spanish class free. Do you want to book your free no-obligation Spanish class , one that is adapted to your level and completely personalized? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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