Do you want to know the advantages of having a private online Spanish teacher? You will learn Spanish easily, either from home or your workplace, through Skype Internet classes, with a qualified native teacher, and your learning will be fast, convenient and flexible.

Are you planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country, or maybe you live in one already, and want to learn Spanish to communicate with the locals? Would you like to practice conversational Spanish and improve your oral fluency with an expert in Spanish for foreigners who will correct and help you? Are you thinking about taking the DELE exam in your country and want a Spanish-speaking teacher to help you do it?

If any of these apply to you then you have probably thought about doing Spanish classes or joining a course. In that case I´ve got another question for you: why not consider doing Spanish classes online? And now that you’re here, don’t look any further! I’ve got the course for you!

Some of the advantages of my online classes against face-to-face Spanish classes are:


Have you ever imagined doing classes in the most comfortable place of all, your own home? Or maybe you travel around a lot and would like to have an online Spanish teacher to give you classes wherever you are? Thanks to current technology it’s possible to have video conferences, share resources and use tools to enable you to communicate with a native teacher hundreds of kilometers away.

Cost effectiveness

My online Spanish classes are designed for individual students and are adapted to their own specific needs (communicative, grammatical, vocabulary, work etc.). In addition, in the classes I immediately correct the student’s mistakes, which allows the student to learn Spanish without embarrassing him in front of other classmates. In addition, I always make an evaluation of the objectives achieved in each class and this helps me monitor the student more effectively than I would be able to do with a group of students.

All of this means the classes will be extremely cost effective, and the student will get a great return on the money they invest with me. If they work steadily then they will soon start to learn at a rapid rate.


Have you got a very changeable work schedule which means you can’t regularly attend an actual language school? Are you fed up with traveling and prefer to study from the comfort of your own laptop? If you find yourself in either of these situations, then you will certainly benefit from the flexibility offered by my online Spanish courses, which you can book even the day before you want to start.


Booking a class with a Spanish teacher that adapts the classes to your preferences and needs will make you more committed to learning and, in turn, as the teacher will get to know you in a more personal way, she will naturally be much more involved in your progress.

From my own personal experience, the most committed and loyal students are the ones who take my online Spanish classes, as it helps them feel a great responsibility towards their learning. In order for students to see how they are improving, I set them very specific objectives and work to achieve them using many varied types of exercises that will promote different skills, always using communication as the main methodology for the classes.

Apparent disadvantages of online teaching


Whenever you’ve had individual classes before have you always had friendly teachers who take an interest in you? The answer is almost certainly “no”. Even if you communicate face to face with a teacher, if they don’t really take an interest in you then the relationship won’t be any better than an online class, and in fact, could be a lot worse. I can guarantee you that Skype Spanish classes are really good fun! The teacher will instill confidence in you and create a good learning environment for the classes. In my Spanish classes you will see that it is indeed possible to learn and have fun at the same time.

Technology needs

You’ll only need a computer with a camera and an internet connection. It is also advisable for you to have good sound quality and headphones. You won’t need to purchase anything else, since all the materials will be sent to you by myself and the tools used in the classes will be completely free.


Some people think that learning Spanish without other classmates to chat to will be boring. The monotony of a class depends more on the methodology used in the class rather than on whether there are others to talk to. In my online Spanish classes I develop all the student’s skills and the pace and content is never monotonous. I use what is called the communicative method, which is based on the use of Spanish to practice a specific communicative purpose using conversation.

Lack of resources

Thanks to the fact that I don’t use a textbook in my online Spanish classes – unless the student requests it – I have much more freedom to use the resources that the student really needs in each class.

I have a very extensive variety of materials that I use to transmit knowledge to my student. These may be either exercises found online, or activities created by me – images, short films, infographics, and songs, amongst other things.

So, what are you waiting for to learn Spanish online? If you’d like a free trial class, please contact me.

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